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  • Wellness Assessment
  • Wellness Policy

Wellness Committee Meeting Minutes

  • May 11, 2021 – Minutes


Johnsonburg Area School District recognizes that student wellness and proper nutrition are related to students’ well-being, growth, development, and readiness to learn. We are committed to providing a school environment that promotes student and faculty wellness, proper nutrition, nutrition education, and regular physical activity as part of the total learning experience. In a healthy school environment, students will learn about and participate in positive dietary and lifestyle practices that can improve student achievement.

We invite the public to join our committee and become involved in the development, review, update, and implementation of our wellness policy at any time throughout the school year.

Wellness Committee Members

Karen Haberberger

Raymond Kelly
High School Principal

Judy Allegretto
Elementary School Principal

Gail Luhr
Board Secretary

Suzanne Buck
School District Wellness Coordinator

Tara Gordon
FSD for Nutrition

Barbara Thorwart
Board Member

Rebecca Pistner

Rachelle Kastner

Keirsten Counts
School Nurse

Amy Zimmerman
School Nurse (Parent)

Mike Votano
PE Teacher – High School

Gina Schreiber
PE Teacher – High School/Elementary (Parent)

Rachel Kilhoffer
Municipal Secretary

Libby Herbstritt
Registered Dietician

Camron Marciniak

Tessa Kocjancic